Welcome to the FCC

We connect the coaching system, to bring clarity and cohesion and to facilitate collaboration across it.

What is the Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC)?

  • A multi-stakeholder group with representatives from corporates, leading UK professional coaching bodies, academia, research institutes and Coaching at Work magazine
  • A not for profit organisation
  • Launched in April 2015.

What is our Purpose?

  • To act as a catalyst and focal point for collaboration across the coaching system (clients, market and the profession)
  • So we are better able to face into the future in a professional and thoughtful way
  • Focussing on coaching in organisational settings.

What are we seeking to do?

  • Engage stakeholder groups in dialogue generating greater understanding between them
  • Provide a focal point for future focussed thought leadership
  • Harness the good work that is happening, connect people and ideas
  • Drive change that enhances the reputation of and raises the bar for coaching and for coaches
  • Safeguard the future of coaching (including ensuring coaching is ready to engage with any regulatory challenge)